Put your hands up for Michel Platini

If you think he is an ass with ass juice opinions that kind of ruin your day.

According to the UEFA President, Franck Ribery’s decision to retire from International football is not actually Ribery’s decision – threatening to dish out a 3-match ban at Bayern Munich if the former French midfielder refuses a call-up from Didier Deschamps. Sounds pretty ass juicey to me.

While Franck Ribery might have lost his mojo to play for France, his decision seems well-informed considering he’s nearing the end of his football career (he’s 31) and spent most of last season on the sidelines with persistent back injuries. His situation is nothing compared to that of former team-mate Samir Nasri either, who retired at the age of 27 after not being called up for this year’s World Cup finals in Brazil.

Platini disagrees – “It is not the player’s decision whether he represents his country, it’s the decision of the coach. Ribery cannot simply decide for himself whether he wants to play for France or not.” What we think Platini is really trying to say – “How dare you say no to France? To me? I am the President of UEFA and I will not take no for an answer.” I mean, how dare Ribery take control of his life and make his own professional and sporting decisions? Ribery is a slave to UEFA and therefore he must comply to its ass juice rules.

At this point I like to think Michel Platini slams his fist and throws an office object at the next unsuspecting victim that walks through his door.

It says an awful lot if Joey Barton would win a popularity contest in a poll between the QPR midfielder, Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter. Unless this was a vote on who should be the president of my butt cheeks. Then he could kiss it – who would refuse that?

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